​That is the question most are wondering "why is the ONLINE course so heavily discounted" with all of its basic and exclusive content?

Bluntly put...because the rights of the GOOD PEOPLE of AMERICA (by birth or legal immigration) are being infringed!

The unethical request to require a permit or license to have "permission" to defend & protect yourself, loved ones and community members (for an existing RIGHT) is abhorrent. 

​Another reason why we offer the ONLINE Concealed Carry Course education for a steep discount is because some of the exclusive material is simply not being shared by 98% of our competitors.

Mainly because they lack either the desire, education and/or certifications to share what we know.

Learning what "won't work" is not how people will stay alive. 

​Finally, the last reason is because not everyone has the ability (or desire) to spend $80-$150 to get certified plus have to pay application fees to the government agencies needed to approve your permit.

Its simply not OK to allow "socioeconomic hardship" to be the reason why someone does not get the education they deserve.

If you live in Iowa, Oregon, Virginia or any other state that "accepts ONLINE Training" this is what you are looking for!
Also, any legal resident of the 50 mainland states can use this Online Certification Course to then apply for the Non-Resident Virginia Permit (through until JANUARY 1st 2021) that will cover you in 27+ states!!!