What is PreFense?
Active Threat Avoidance, Mitigation & Defense


When most think about protecting themselves they automatically focus on what I call the "10% Solution" which basically means you are forced to defend yourself using whatever unarmed/armed skill sets you have to stop an attack on you that is already in progress.

​PreFense is a "system" designed to help those who learn it to use the 90% Advantage that many are completely unaware of, to actually "stop an attack from ever happening".

All violent criminals are predators & much like the animal kingdom their "attack cycle" is highly predictable when you know what to look for and preventable when you know what options you have during each phase!

Whether you are a professional or civilian "If you have to resort to guns...you have failed" PreFense is the tool that enhances your MIND into the most powerful weapon you will carry on a daily basis.

We will teach you about the criminal mindset, how they select a victim, the attack cycle all predators must undergo in order to formulate an attack and of course Proactive and Active measures to stop an attack from actually occurring.

*This course can also be offered to private groups for: anti-bullying, college safety prep, corporate safety, family safety etc.*

You gain all the tools and knowledge that was once available only to new operative agents in government agencies in their "pre-deployment training package" when in hostile environments domestically & abroad with no access to traditional weapons.

This has been retooled to be useful to YOU as a concerned community member who wants to protect themselves & loved ones from harm by knowing how to Avoid/Mitigate an actual attack.

​In May 2016, James Moncherry was hand picked from a large pool of highly qualified instructors nationwide to be among the "1st Instructor Cadre Class" to be certified & licensed to teach PreFense.

He is 1 of only 11 across the globe with such credentials, who can now share PreFense with both professionals and civilians alike.

​He is re-certified annually through the Annual PreFense IDC for Instructors held in Phoenix Arizona and meets or exceeds the mandatory 40hr training requirement to maintain his status.

PreFense 4 Delivery Options

Platform 1 (Speaking Engagement- 2hrs)
Module 1 Active Threat Avoidance
-Allows for unlimited seating
-An excellent introductory format custom tailored to your intended audience. $90

Platform 2 (Seminar- 2hr or 4hr)
Module1&2 Active Threat Mitigation
-Max seating at 30
-Delving past introduction, the seminar format focuses in on more general application. $190

Platform 3 (Interactive Workshop- 6-8hrs)
Module 1, 2&3 Active Threat Defense
-Max seating at 20
-The most detailed and enriching of the delivery platforms, these workshops offer the full depth and breadth of introduction,understanding and practical application $290

DIY(Self-empowerment, Education & Well-being)

Akin to preventive medicine—a holistic approach to healthcare in preventing disease, Preventative Defense or PreFense®is a holistic approach to your personal security.

You are the key to stopping preventable violence—learning what the professionals

know about ensuring your personal security will give you the decisive advantage in avoiding any threat. $25

The PreFense Book is, the student manual!

*Corporate/Group "flate rate" available as well as "per seat" for those hosting.*

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