EXPIRED voucher...no problem!

Whether you have an expired voucher for our Concealed Carry Classroom Certification Course that you bought or someone gave to you, as long as you can access/provide the 7-8digit voucher code you can use it along with a discounted extension fee.

*Doesn't matter how long ago it expired*

The regular extension fee cost is $40/person but if you have an EXPIRED voucher as mentioned above, you can use it with the discounted extension fee of just $25/person to join any class we list on our site.

ie: If it's a voucher For 1 it will be $25/extension fee and if a voucher For 2 it will be a total of $50/extension fee for both people to attend the same class.

More good news, what about an EXPIRED voucher from another company?

If you have an expired voucher that you purchased from another company you can still use it and save by taking us up on our discounted rate for just $30/person!!!