Venues/Cities: Denver &  Surrounding Metro Areas*, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Loveland.Castle Rock

*Classes marked in GREEN are available for AUGUST!

* Classes are approx. 2.5hrs long but large classes may run longer.

* Email Registration required as per instructions on Groupon Voucher, Living Social, Gazette or Ezregister Invoice.

* AUGUST is the next series for sign up*

​Concealed Carry Schedule: 

AUGUST 11th - Start Time - 630PM
Fort Collins: Best Western Hotel
914 S. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO

AUGUST 12th - Start Time - 11AM    or    3PM
Denver/Aurora: Double Tree-Hilton Hotel
13696 E. Illif Place, 
Aurora, CO

AUGUST 13th - Start Time- 11AM    or    3PM
Colorado Springs: HILTON GARDEN INN - Colorado Springs Airport
2035 Aerotech Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO
* OCTOBER SERIES will be follow up series to AUGUST*

Class Schedule
Regular Classroom Price valued @ $150/person.

For Discounted Rates Email: