ARMED GUARDIANS are those of US who understand sometimes "bad things happen to good people" and why it is best to be prepared for all possible emergency types.

This means we have access to fire extinguishers, basic medical kits, road side kits and of course various types of "self defense" tools.​

Getting properly trained to use these types of LIFE SAVING pieces of emergency equipment, is a necessity! ​

You have an escape plan for a home fire & cpr/first aid training but "do you have your permit to carry concealed & do know how to use self defense tools of varying types (especially a firearm) safely"?

Timing is of the essence in an emergency and an Armed Guardian acknowledges that Emergency Responders are usually "minutes away when seconds count". That means most often, we are our own 1st Responder.​

Armed Guardians are better prepared to defend themselves, their loved ones and people in desperate need during a Violent Attack. ​

At ARMED GUARDIAN ​we are offering discounted rates for our courses in the instruction of: PreFense*, Concealed Carry Certification  (Classroom), Pistol Basics, CCW Defensive Pistol Level I & II, Center Axis Relock, Fit2Fight (self defense workout), ASRT Level I & II (Active Shooter Response Training) our soon to be released Basic Tac-Med Course & much more!

We are also offering the ONLINE Concealed Carry Certification Course (valued at $150) at a HUGE discounted rate because we believe "all lives matter" regardless of race, gender, age or socioeconomic status!

Understanding Basic Firearm Safety is crucial for all ages.

Ages 14yrs and older will gain valuable insight from this amazing course and those 21yrs and older may also have the opportunity to apply for their Permit by obtaining their certificate of completion.

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